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Tooth discoloration is arguably the biggest concern for the typical dental patient, and achieving the perfect teeth and a brighter smile has become a common goal. While brushing and flossing regularly are key to maintaining a white and healthy smile, there are some unavoidable factors that reduce the sparkle with time.

For instance, regular exposure to some foods and drinks that contain chromogens - intense color pigments that bond to tooth enamel - can stain your teeth over time. These include red wine, coffee, tea, and sugary items. Moreover, your tooth enamel is naturally worn and stained with age; a process that may be worsened by tobacco use and certain medications.

Professional, in-office teeth whitening at Great Grins Dental can help you keep your smile at its best, safely and effectively. Depending on your choice of whitening option, the results can be achieved in as little as one hour.

Teeth Whitening Options

When you visit Great Grins Dental in Austin, Dr. Fossum will introduce you to several teeth whitening treatments that may work for you. These include

1. In-Office Whitening

Professional in-office bleaching yields the fastest results owing to the unique system that can whiten teeth by 6 to 10 shades per hours. The process involves the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel on the tooth enamel, after which Dr. Fossum activates the gel using a laser light. After one hour, the gel is removed and your whitening procedure is complete.

Built on years of research, the treatment results in little to no post-procedure sensitivity, and stabilizes tooth enamel while improving the natural shine.

2. At-Home Bleaching

Tray whitening involves the fabrication of custom molds that fit precisely into you top and bottom arches. You apply hydrogen peroxide whitening gel inside before wearing them, for about one hour every day. This process will continue until you achieve the desired whitening, usually for a few weeks.

In some cases, you may also use ADA-approved whitening toothpastes that help to remove surface stains via abrasive action.

Get a Dental Exam Before Whitening

It is important that you discuss the specifics of your case with Dr. Fossum at Great Grins Dental in Austin so you choose the best teeth whitening option for you. In most cases, you may require a combination of in-office and at-home treatments to preserve your sparkling smile.

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