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General Dental Care in Austin, TX 78759

A filling is performed when your tooth is diagnosed with a cavity. We remove the cavity and place a material to build the tooth back up to its original shape. We do not use any "silver" fillings, but rather bond a tooth colored, synthetic resin material to your tooth. We are able to match the shade of your tooth and the material, creating an undetectable filling.

Crown and Bridge
Dental Crowns & Bridges in Austin, TX 78759

When a tooth has lost too much structure a crown, or cap, is needed in order to give it some strength back. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, by crowning the tooth in front and the tooth behind and joining them together with a "pontic" to fill in the missing space. Crown and bridges are madeof various materials, such as ceramic (eMax or IPE Empress), porcelain, or zirconia, in a shade to match your other teeth.

A crown procedure consists of two visits:

  1. The tooth is prepared for a crown and an impression is taken to be sent to the lab. A temporary will be made and cemented on the tooth until your next visit
  2. Two to three weeks later your crown will arrive and the temporary will be removed. The permanent crown will be cemented on your tooth.
Root Canal Therapy
Root Canal Therapy in Austin, TX 78759

Your teeth consist of a root or roots filled with tunnel-like structures that house live blood vessels and nerves, which contribute to the health and functioning of your tooth. When these canals become infected, typically via a large cavity, the only way to save a tooth from being extracted is to perform a root canal. A hole with be created in the top of your tooth to access the pulp chamber and nerves, in which endodontic files will be used to remove the nerve and clean out all the bacteria within the canals. An electric, handheld rotary device which creates no drilling or scraping noise, will be used to create the most comfortable experience, with the best result. Your tooth will be filled with medicine and sealed up. A crown will then be needed on the tooth to complete treatment.

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