Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Austin, TX 78759

A filling is performed when your tooth is diagnosed with a cavity. We remove the cavity and place a material to build the tooth back up to its original shape. We do not use any "silver" fillings, but rather bond a tooth colored, synthetic resin material to your tooth. We are able to match the shade of your tooth and the material, creating an undetectable filling.

Dental fillings are mostly used to treat cavities after removing the decay, though they can also be used to repair cracked or chipped teeth, or to restore severely worn down teeth.

A cracked tooth or cavity can cause a sharp pain when biting down, or cause discomfort when eating or drinking. If you experience such pain, it can be hard to determine the exact cause or source. Cracks and cavities cannot be easily detected when performing a self examination.

If you discover some tooth sensitivity, pain, or discomfort when consuming hot or cold items, you may be a candidate for dental fillings. If you’re in Austin, please visit Great Grins Dental for a proper diagnosis and to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Fossum.

What to Expect

If you are a good candidate for dental fillings, Dr. Fossum will help you evaluate your treatment options depending on the location, size, and direction of the crack or cavity, as well as the severity of your symptoms.

Tiny cracks that don’t cause any pain or sensitivity do not necessarily need any repair, though Dr. Fossum may recommend a crown or cap to prevent further damage. But if your tooth needs a filling, Dr. Fossum will:

  1. Numb the area and use a sedative to reduce the pain and anxiety.
  2. Use a rubber dam to prevent you from swallowing the tooth chips and dental materials
  3. Remove the decay or a portion of the tooth enamel to prepare it for placement of the filling
  4. Place the filling material to close the gap

Types of Filling Materials

Fillings are made from different materials, including:

  • Dental amalgam - made from a mixture of tin, silver, mercury, and other metals to provide a strong and cost effective dental restoration
  • Composite resins - these are tooth-colored, and mostly used to repair front teeth for aesthetic purposes

You can also discuss the suitability of other materials such as ceramics, ionomers, and gold for your case.

Please visit Great Grins Dental in Austin to discuss your tooth repair options with Dr. Fossum.

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