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Removable Dental Appliances

Dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace one or more missing teeth. For hundreds of years, people who have lost all their teeth have been able to regain the proper function and aesthetic of their mouth by wearing full dentures. With recent advances in dentistry, modern dentures have become much more comfortable, functional, and attractive than ever before.

At Great Grins Dental in Austin, Dr. Fossum offers the latest in denture technology for patients looking to replace their missing or severely damaged teeth.

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Types of Dentures

Dentures are designed to closely resemble your natural teeth and gums, with prosthetic teeth and a gum-colored plastic base that blends perfectly with your oral tissues to enhance your smile.

At Great Grins Dental in Austin, we offer two types of dentures depending on your situation:
  • Complete or full dentures - used when you’re missing all the teeth in an arch
  • Partial dentures - used when you have some healthy natural teeth remaining. These are custom-made to fill in the existing gap and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

The Procedure for Denture Placement

The process of getting dentures involves several appointments spread over a period of two to three months. If you’re a candidate for full dentures, you will first have to wear immediate dentures before your conventional dentures are ready for placement.

Immediate Dentures:

These dentures are made in advance before your dental appointment so they can be placed immediately after teeth removal. They are necessary so you won’t have to stay without teeth for the entire healing period. However, your gums and underlying bone will shrink over time during the healing period, causing the immediate dentures to fit improperly and cause some discomfort. This shouldn’t worry you much since they are only a temporary solution until your gums have healed. In case of any pain or discomfort, you can come to the office to adjust the fit.

Conventional Dentures:

The conventional dentures are custom-made after tooth removal, usually when your gum tissue has started to heal. Dr. Fossum will take precise impressions (molds) and measurements that will be used to create your custom denture. When they’re ready, you will have to come for several “try-in” appointments to ensure that they are the right shape, size, color, and fit.

They should be ready for placement in your mouth between 8 and 12 weeks after teeth extraction, when your gums are fully healed. During the final appointment, Dr. Fossum will make the final adjustments and place the completed denture so it fits naturally and comfortably.

Full & Partial Dentures Consultation in Austin, TX

Please call our office for more information. 512.346.1900.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Modern dentures are durable dental appliances that can last for years with proper care, but will have to be repaired, remade, or re-adjusted due to normal wear. They can be worn by people of all ages who have lost their teeth naturally due to age, or due to trauma or tooth decay.

Some reasons to consider dentures include:
  • To replace all teeth in an arch - with complete dentures
  • To replace one or several teeth in an arch - with partial dentures
  • To enhance your smile and facial appearance
  • To improve speech, chewing, and digestion

First-time denture wearers often report experiencing some soreness, increased saliva flow, and speech and chewing difficulty, but these should subside as your tissues and muscles adjust to the new dentures. Dr. Fossum will also give you instructions to maintain good oral hygiene and take good care of your new dental appliance.

Please visit Great Grins Dental in Austin to learn more about dentures and how they can help to improve your quality of life. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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